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Version: 7.1
Question: 1

Your customer has both Salesforce and CPQ Cloud and would like to achieve the following:
Select one parts master to hold all of the parts data.
Provide the ability to upload and download parts data.
Have a corresponding price book entry to each part.
Ensure that the parts are available for currently integrated external systems.
Ensure that the parts data is available for reporting to the entire product development team, without purchase of extra licenses of CPQ Cloud.
Based on these requirements, which two options would you choose to design and implement the parts master?

A. Store all the parts data in Salesforce and use the Salesforce Daata Loader tool to upload and download the parts data.
B. Use the Salesforce price book and reporting and use the integration APIs to make all the parts data available for use in other external systems that are integrated with Salesforce.
C. Store the parts data in CPQ Cloud and use the Bulk Data service to upload and download the parts data. Use the price book entries for each part.
D. Integrate each external system with CPQ Cloud on client approval. purchase the reporting capability for your CPQ Cloud site.

Answer: A, C

Question: 2

What are three valid causes for a Configuration rule failing to execute?

A. The status of the rule is set to Inactive.
B. The rule’s Condition attributes are hidden on the Configuration Layout.
C. A runtime error occurs within the rule, which is firing before the current rule.
D. The attributes used in the rule are not added on the Configuration Layout.

Answer: A, C, D

Question: 3

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Which two statements are true about the integration of BigMachines (without middleware) with external ERP systems?

A. The ERP system should support exchange of XML data.
B. BigMachines can call ERP systems without using BML.
C. Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) can be used to build an XML request that is sent to ERP systems.
D. You need two BigMachines actions: one to send a request to an ERP system and another to receive a valid response.
E. Calling an ERP system does not require authentication of any kind.

Answer: A, C

Question: 4

Identify the object of the BigMachines Managed Package app that is used for initial setup and that allows you to make changes to integration preferences in Salesforce.

A. BigMachines Quotes
B. BigMachines Site Setup
C. Filed Mapping
D. BigMachines Commerce Process Setup

Answer: A

Reference: (page 53)

Question: 5

Oracle CPQ Cloud provides integration guides for some applications. Identify two such applications.

B. Microsoft Dynamics
C. Oracle Sales Cloud
D. Oracle On Demand

Answer: A, C


Question: 6

Which two statements are true about parts integration?

A. A BigMachines parts database can be integrated only with Salesforce.
B. BigMachines or a third-party system can be used to maintain parts data.
C. Salesforce cannot store parts as products, so you must store parts and price book associations in BigMachines.
D. BigMachines can support parts integration with any system via FTP upload.

Answer: A, B